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10 September

The Church in Mumbai: The Fifth Pilgrim Stays Webinar Streamed live Saturday, 5 September 2020 on Facebook and You Tube The video can be viewed here: This is the slideshow presented at the event: Dr Fleur D’Souza, a well known historian and media personality was kind enough to present the 5th Pilgrim Stays Webinar. Dr […]

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06 August

Christianity in Kerala: The Fourth Pilgrim Stays Webinar Streamed live Saturday, 1 August 2020 on Facebook and You Tube The video can be viewed here: This is the slide show presented at the event: For long, the origins of Christianity in Kerala have been the subject of intense debate. Scholars have presented conflicting viewpoints, each […]

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24 July

Christianity in Goa: The Third Pilgrim Stays Webinar Streamed live on Facebook and You Tube For its third Webinar on 19th July 2020, Pilgrim Stays hosted two eminent personalities: Frederick Noronha, a journalist and publisher based out of Goa and Alan Machado Prabhu, noted historian and well known author. After having covered two of Christianity’s […]

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17 June

Christian Pilgrimage: Talking Rome with Ashley and John Recently, Pilgrim Stays hosted an interaction with Ashley and John Noronha on Saturday, 20 June 2020. Both Ashley and John are well known Biblical personalities and hold Masters’ degrees in theology. Both of them also teach at the Pontifical University of the Holy Cross at Rome. There […]

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13 June

St Anthony of Padua Born into a wealthy and noble Portuguese family, St Anthony’s was a life that saw many twists and turns. Like many great saints of his time, the pleasures of this world held no great attraction for him. Instead a burning desire to follow Christ and dedicate his life to the needy, […]

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21 May

Quite often a Christian is asked simple questions about his religion mostly by non-Christians. While many of the obviously basic queries are straightforward and can be answered off the cuff, some might require a deeper understanding. Pilgrim Stays has attempted to put some of these questions into a simple, easy to understand format. The casual […]

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