Holy Land Tours: Itinerary with Israel and Jordan

DAY 1: Tel Aviv
Transfer to Hotel Arrival at Tel Aviv for the Holy Land Tours
Check in Check in to 4/5 star hotel at Tel Aviv
  Meeting and dinner at the hotel
DAY 2: Jaffa, Caesarea, Haifa
  Breakfast at hotel
Check out Check out and travel to Caesarea
Excursion Jaffa-beautifully restored ancient port
  St Peters Church in memory of the healing of Tabitha
  Caesarea- the Roman and Crusader presence in the Holy Land
  Roman Amphitheatre, Caesarea National Park, harbour
  Herod’s Hippodrome
  Caesarea Aquaduct, Aquaduct beach
  Crusader Fortress
  Stella Maris Monastery
Check in Check in to 4/5 star hotel at Haifa
DAY 3: Mount Carmel, Haifa, Acre
  Breakfast at hotel
Excursion Deir Al-Mukhraqa Carmelite Monastery
  Mount Carmel
  Crusader city of Acre
  Burj el-Kummander, Weizmann Street fortifications
  Citadel, Underground Crusader City
  Crusader Tunnel, HaHagana Street- Acre
  St John’s Church, Acre
  Bahai Gardens, Haifa
Transfer Return to Hotel
DAY 4: Sepphoris, Nazareth, Cana, Tiberias
  Breakfast at hotel
Check out Check out and travel to Nazareth
Excursion Zippori (Sepphoris)- the place where Mother Mary was born
  Nazareth- Basilica of the Annunciation
  St Joseph’s Church- the carpentry workshop
  Mary of Nazareth International Centre- Opp the Basilica
  Franciscan Mensa Christi church
Transfer Franciscan Wedding church at Cana
Check in Check in to 4/5 star hotel at Tiberias
DAY 5: Mount of Beatitudes, Capernaum, Tiberias
  Breakfast at hotel
Excursion Mount of Beatitudes- Sermon on the Mount
  Tabgha- multiplication of bread and fish
  Church of Primacy of Peter, Tabgha
  Bethsaida- where Jesus performed the miracle of walking on water
  Birthplace of the Apostles Peter, Andrew and Philip
Lunch St Peter’s Restaurant, Mifratz-Amnun- St Peter’s Fish Lunch
  Capernaum bank of Galilee
  The Jesus Boat at Beit Yigal Allon Museum, Ginosar
  Return to Tiberias- Yigal Alon Promenade
  Church of St Peter, Yigal Alon Promenade
  Tiberias-Hamat: Hot Springs
  Jordan River, Yardenit- Baptismal site
  Cruise on the Sea of Galilee
  Return to the hotel at Tiberias
DAY 6: Mount Tabor, Jerusalem
  Breakfast at hotel
Check out Check out and travel to Jerusalem
Excursion Mt Tabor, the site of the transfiguration of Jesus
  Latrun Monastery of Trappist Monks
  Valley of Elah- site of David’s victory over Goliath
  Chapel of the Visitation, Ein Karem
Check in Check in to 4/5 star hotel at Jerusalem
DAY 7: Jerusalem
  Breakfast at hotel
Excursion Mount of Olives
  Bethpage, The Church of Ascension, Pater Noster Church
  Palm Sunday Road, Gethsemane Gardens, Church of All Nations
  Dominus Flevit Church, Mary’s Tomb, Apostles Grotto
  Garden of Gethsemane
Transfer Mount Zion, Upper Room- Scene of the Last Supper
  Tomb of King David
Transfer Israel Museum with the Shrine of the Book & the Dead Sea Scrolls
Transfer Yad Vashem Holocaust Memorial
Transfer Return to Hotel
DAY 8: Old City of Jerusalem
  Breakfast at hotel
Transfer Church of the Holy Sepulchre
  Via Dolorosa, Terra Sancta Museum
  Temple Mount, Dome of the Rock, Wailing Wall
Transfer Return to Hotel
DAY 9: Bethlehem, Hebron, Bethany
  Breakfast at hotel
Transfer Rachael’s tomb
  Church of the Nativity, St Jerome’s Grotto, Chapel of St Catherine
  Milk Grotto, Chapel of Holy Innocents, Beit Sahour Shepherds’ Field
  St George Greek Orthodox Church, al-Khader
  King Solomon’s Pools
  Tomb of the Patriarchs or Cave of Machpelah, Hebron
Transfer Return to Hotel
DAY 10: Judean Desert, Masada, Dead Sea, Eilat
  Breakfast at hotel
Check out Check out and travel to Eilat
Transfer River Jordan to Qasr El Yahud, the place of the baptism of Jesus
  Dead Sea resorts- Kalia beach
  Drive through the Judean desert
  Caves of Qumran- Dead Sea Scrolls were located here
Climb by cable car Cliff top fortress of Masada
Check in Check in to 4/5 star hotel at Eilat
DAY 11: Border crossing to Jordan, Aquaba, Petra
  Breakfast at hotel
  Underwater Observatory, Eilat
  Dolphin Reef, Eilat
Check out Check out and head towards border crossing into Jordan
  Yitzhak Rabin Border Terminal
  Wadi Araba border crossing (8 am to 8 pm)
  Drive inside Jordan to Petra
Check in Check in to 4/5 star hotel at Petra
DAY 12: Petra, Dead Sea Amman
  Breakfast at hotel
Transfer Bab As-Siq, the Siq Gorge, the Treasury, the Nabataean Temple
  Return to hotel
Check out Check out and load luggage in coach
  Fortress of Machaerus
Check in Check in to 4/5 star resort at Dead Sea, Amman
DAY 13: Amman, Jerash
  Breakfast at hotel
Excursion Greek Orthodox Basilica of St George, Madaba
  Archaeological Museum
  Mount Nebo
  Roman Amphitheatre
  Ancient Philadelphia
Transfer Jerash- Ruins, Temple of Artemis, Ajloun Castle
  Arch of Hadrian, Forum
  Return to Hotel
DAY 14: End of the Holy Land Tours
  Breakfast at hotel
Check out Transfer to Queen Alia Intl Airport, Amman


While there are many guided tours to the Holy Land, we at Pilgrim Stays found most of them not ‘touristy’ enough and with a one dimensional focus which would leave many in the family dissatisfied. Instead we’ve put together Holy Land Tours with an itinerary that would appeal to the entire family.

Holy Land Tours

City of Eilat, Israel

One can rest assured that this visit to the Holy Land would be a fun trip that everyone would enjoy. And also be counted as a great vacation, not just a religious fulfillment.

What is the ideal duration

Firstly, the key question – how much time should you take out for this trip? We suggest anywhere from 8 nights in Israel to 12 nights depending on your budget. This is an itinerary for 8 nights with some more places suggested as an option, which could take the trip to 12 nights.

Coral reefs in the Red Sea

Israel is a kid-friendly country, and exploring it through a child’s eyes will add greater meaning to your tour. The country is a tale of two halves. Southern Israel is filled with attractions and sites geared to kids, from camel-trekking in the Ramon Crater to riding in glass-bottom boats above the coral reefs of Eilat to floating in the Dead Sea. Even archaeological sites, such as Masada, are filled with adventure and drama for young ones.

The Ramon Crater in Israel’s Negev Desert

Touring the northern part of Israel with a child, however, requires more careful planning. Only the most pious child will enjoy darkened holy places, the rubble of archaeological sites, and being hounded by shopkeepers in the Jerusalem bazaars trying to sell child-size crowns of thorns. So this itinerary is designed to help you navigate the northern spots without taxing you or your child’s patience.

Kids’ Activities

No matter where you travel with your kids, always read the Friday Haaretz/Herald Tribune and The Jerusalem Post and check in with tourist information offices. Especially in summer, there’s usually an array of street performers at night on Jerusalem’s Ben-Yehuda Mall or Tel Aviv’s beach promenade, puppet shows, and special museum exhibits and activities aimed at kids.

Days 1 & 2: Jerusalem’s Old City

Holy Land Tours

Holy Land Tours   

As part of your Holy Land Tours spend the morning in the Old City, exploring the bazaar and Jewish, Christian and Islamic holy sites. Be sure to visit the Crusader-era Church of Saint Anne, where groups and individuals of all religions are welcome to try out the exquisite acoustics with religious songs of any tradition. Check the Via Dolorosa between the fourth and fifth Stations of the Cross for shops selling simple Kanafeh (an ancient kind of sweet cheese pizza). Jaffar and Sons Pastry Cafe on the Suq Khan es-Zeit Bazaar is always a big hit.

Day 3: Jerusalem’s New City

Holy Land Tours

Bible Lands Museum

Holy Land Tours

Tisch Family Zoological Gardens

Holy Land Tours

A replica of Noah’s Ark at the Tisch Family Zoological Gardens

Visit the Israel Museum. Children will especially enjoy the Children’s Museum; the wall of Chanukah menorahs from all over the world in the Judaica Wing; and the Billy Rose Sculpture Garden filled with works by Picasso, Rodin, and others. For older kids, the Bible Lands Museum, next to the Israel Museum, contains awesome, interactive computer explanations of scarabs and ancient inscriptions and brings ancient artifacts to life. Move on to the excellent Tisch Family Zoological Gardens.

Day 4: To the Galilee

Hamat Gader Hot Springs

Drive north through Jordan Valley. Stop to swim at Sachne, which has a water park for kids; check out Belvoir Crusader castle and Hamat Gader hot springs, with its alligator farm, vast ruins of ancient baths, and a good Thai restaurant. Take a swim in the lake before dining at Ein Gev on incredibly fresh Saint Peter’s fish.

Day 5: The Galilee

Horse riding in Vered HaGalil, Rose of the Galilee

Swim in the lake at Ein Gev’s beautiful beach, explore the nearby ruined Roman-era Jewish village of Korazim, and then ride the quiet Galilee countryside on Vered HaGalil’s beautiful horses. End the day on an evening party boat on the Sea of Galilee.

Day 6: To Tel Aviv via Nazareth & Caesarea

Nazareth Biblical Village

Explore Nazareth Biblical Village for its replicas of biblical-era houses and synagogues and then head off to explore the vast seaside Roman and Crusader ruins at Caesarea, which includes a great multimedia presentation. Check into a beachfront hotel in Tel Aviv before dining at Manta Ray in Jaffa, which has acclaimed food and a relaxed seaside setting. Take an evening stroll through romantic Old Jaffa.

Day 7: Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv Planetarium

See the Eretz Israel Museum’s exhibitions of living crafts, planetarium, and ancient glass; there’s a great museum shop for kids and adults. For older kids, move on to the Diaspora Museum; for younger kids, try the wonderful drive-through Safari Park, where children find the thriving giraffe herd fascinating. Take a late-afternoon Mediterranean swim.

Day 8: Back to Jerusalem

Mini Israel: Miniature Theme Park

Stop at Mini Israel, located between Tel Aviv and Jerusalem, where kids can explore miniatures of virtually every landmark they have visited in Israel. Stop off in Jerusalem for last-minute shopping and a good-bye dinner in West Jerusalem. Head off to Ben-Gurion Airport for a late-night flight home or spend 1 more night in Jerusalem and fly home the next morning.

More Kid-Friendly Picks in Israel

Dan Caesarea Hotel

Dan Caesarea: Set amid vast, lush gardens, with an enormous pool and a kid-size basketball court, this is a fun place to relax for a day or so while taking in the region. The nearby ancient ruins of Caesarea come alive with a modern, multimedia presentation.


Dan Carmel Hotel: The energetic children’s summer staff and evening entertainment captivate kids, and the swimming pool is deliciously warm by August. The Dan Hotels’ children’s clubs are excellent throughout the country.

Hayat Zaman Hotel & Resort

Hayat Zaman Hotel & Resort

Hayat Zaman Hotel & Resort (Petra, Jordan): The entire Petra experience is exciting for kids. The unique Hayat Zaman hotel, created from a traditional Bedouin village, is charming and itself an interesting place to explore.