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The History and Origins of Christianity in Goa


[…] one on the Vatican here. This was followed by the second webinar on the Holy Land and more recently on Goa. As usual the audience was held spellbound by the depth of knowledge of the speaker. Enthusiasm ran […]

[…] Alan Machado came on next and provided the historical context of the Monthi Saibinnichem Fest. Alan is the author of three books largely centred on the Mangalorean Catholic Community. His first book was Sarasvati’s Children which was a well received history of the Mangalorean Catholics. He followed his debut novel with Shades within Shadows and Slaves of Sultans, both based on the captivity of the Mangalorean Catholics under Tippu Sultan. He was the speaker at our Third Webinar, which focused on the History of Christianity in Goa. […]

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