Kerala Tour Packages

Pilgrim Stays is happy to launch an end-of-pandemic experience: Christianity focused tours of Kerala. The initial offering covers Kochi, Munnar and Thekkady. Kochi is a city that figures prominently in the European discovery of India. It was a city that was important enough to attract three major European powers and played a pivotal role in reshaping the world’s history.

We offer two options to give you complete control over your vacation. This itinerary provides Kerala Tour Packages of three segments. You can visit all three destinations or customise the itinerary to suit your requirements. End-to-End Tour: This option provides a complete experience for you and your family which includes stay, tour guides and ground transport.

Bespoke Guide Services: You can plan the vacation on your own and stay at a hotel of your choice. In this option, you only book our 1 or 2-day guided tour. Our Tour Guide will meet you at your hotel with ground transport. The Guide will accompany you and provide all necessary information and assistance to deliver an enjoyable experience.

Please fill out a few details below to receive our suggested itinerary by email. A member of our sales team will also contact you to assist with your travel plans and provide the pricing.