Vatican Tour Packages

Known as the Eternal City, Rome is an ancient megapolis that emphatically lives up to its epithet. The nerve centre of the Roman Empire during antiquity, and the headquarters of the Roman Catholic Church in the centuries that followed, Rome has much to offer a visitor. It is a city that overflows with artistic treasures as both the Empire and the Church were generous patrons of high art.

Marvel at the epic grandeur of St Peter’s Basilica, the largest church ever built. Spend all day at the Vatican Museums, where gallery upon gallery of Renaissance masterpieces enthral you with their magnificence. Be captivated by the Sistine Chapel, painted by the master of them all, Michelangelo. This is a tour that one must absolutely do at least once in one’s lifetime. Pilgrim Stays is happy to present its Vatican tour packages to make this dream come true.

Choose from two options to give you complete control over your vacation. End-to-End Tours: This option provides a complete experience for you and your family which includes air travel, stay, tour guides and ground transport.

Bespoke Guide Services: You can plan the vacation on your own and stay at a hotel of your choice. Our Tour Guide will meet you at your hotel with ground transport. The Guide will accompany you and provide all necessary information and assistance to deliver an enjoyable experience.

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