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Welcome to Pilgrim Stays. We started this website to give families and individuals the ability to explore the rich history and culture associated with Christianity without having to spend a lot of money or to struggle to access reliable information. We understand you may not be overly religious and so have planned tours and packages of various kinds – ranging from those with a greater focus on religion to those more focused on the art, architecture and the history of these destinations. Whatever it is you are seeking, we aim to deliver a well planned, safe and fulfilling experience. In all cases, we will go to great pains to deliver exceptional customer service and value to you. We have also taken pains to research and document the history, art and trivia around each of these places. We hope you enjoy going through them. You can also check out some interesting trivia, recipes and monuments on our blog section or else read up about some of the major monuments – Basilicas (a status conferred on these shrines by the Vatican) or else Cathedrals (typically the seat of the Bishop or Archbishop of a diocese). We also invite you to visit our itineraries should you want to visit the Vatican or the Holy Land or to contact us if you are planning a Parish Tour or Youth Retreat. You may also reach out to us by joining our Telegram Group.

– Herman, Roshan, Nigel, Ivan & Anil (founders of

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